Sweet Almond Oil for Dark Circles – Will the Essential Oil Work?

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Expect to see those unsightly dark circles under your eyes after a late night out and you forgot to take off those make up before going to bed. But don’t worry; you can reduce the appearance of your panda eyes by just using inexpensive and natural remedies such as sweet almond oil. Dark circles are bruised looking skin and dark patches that develop under the eyes and can worsen as you age. But, they don’t only appear during the aging process because even children and young adults can develop dark circles too. Dark circles can make the skin under your eyes discolored. Sometimes these are caused by puffy lower lids that cast a shadow on the skin beneath them. Let us see how sweet almond oil for dark circles work.

Causes of Dark Circles

Sweet Almond Oil for Dark Circles The most common cause of developing dark circles are dehydration, allergies, sinus problems, genetics, and smoking. These are the reasons why it restricts the blood flow around your body, including to your face. Blood flow restriction prevents the removal of toxins or dilate the blood vessels around your eyes. It becomes more obvious because of thin, delicate skin under your eyes.

Almond Oil to Reduce Dark Circles

You can use almond oil to reduce dark circles around your eyes. This is a natural moisturizer that can soften the skin and hold in moisture, thus reducing dark circles that are caused by dehydration. It is also a good natural anti-inflammatory that can reduce puffy lower eyelids and dark circles. To reduce these ugly patches, gently massage almond oil under your eyes in the morning and night before you go to bed.

You can also apply it to the affected area as a mask by making it into a paste. Just mix an equal amount of pure almond oil and honey in a bowl. Apply it to the skin under your eyes, relax and let the mixture stay for at least 10 minutes or more before washing it off. But don’t expect to see immediate results because this would also take time. Almond oil will work best if applied regularly and given time to work.

Cautions with Sweet Almond Oil for Dark Circles

Just be cautious when using this product, especially if you are pregnant because although it is considered safe, it could cause some allergic reactions to some people. You must also be careful when you apply it near your eyes because it could also cause irritation due to the delicate skin around it. It is more sensitive compared to other skin in your body.


Dark patches under the eyes can affect men and women of all ages, but this is not generally a sign of any illnesses or exhaustion. But these dark patches can make you look tired and old. Applying almond oil onto the affected area can help reduce dark circles. Sometimes dark patches appear when you lack sleep and you have some negligence when it comes to skin care. There are many kinds of treatments available today that could remove dark patches, but using almond oil is the cheapest and the best alternative. Before treating it yourself, it is better if you consult with the doctor to avoid it from getting worst.

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Sweet Almond Oil for Dark Circles – Will the Essential Oil Work?, 3.5 out of 5 based on 17 ratings

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